Getaway Mornington Peninsula Short Term Rentals

Holiday Accommodation Boom

The boom in short stay rental accommodation has again ensured Getaway Mornington Peninsula properties secured consistent bookings throughout the year. 

It seems beautiful beaches, wineries and the countless activities across the Peninsula have proved too great a lure for those looking for a getaway. 

Karin Mander, from the Getaway Mornington Peninsula team, said there are distinct trends emerging in the Peninsula’s short stay rental market.

“We’re increasingly seeing groups who are looking to book properties months in advance,” she said. 

Karin says young families looking for last minute and inexpensive getaways are no longer the only groups looking to holiday on the Peninsula. 

“Our top performing and most sought after properties range from the luxurious through to the more understated,” she said. 

“That’s one of our strengths – we cater for a range of needs.

“Everyone needs a break and we’re able to assist with each guest’s requirements.” 

Karin says that in terms of securing bookings for short stay rentals throughout the year Getaway Mornington Peninsula is hard to beat.

“We offer comprehensive management and marketing services that include guest screening, communication, home styling consultations, cleaning and linen services,” she said. 

Karin cited the added benefit of Homewatch Security Services, specialist rental insurance advice and the security of funds being held in a Real Estate Trust Account as key differences. 

“All of this is about ensuring properties are maintained to the highest standards while bringing in the bookings,” she said.

“Unlike many other short stay operators, Getaway Mornington Peninsula offers home owners peace of mind alongside that additional income." 

To list your property please SMS your address to or call Karin Mander directly on 0409 597 508.